Visit of India Nature Watch group to the last home of the Asiatic Lion

November 2008 - the members of decided to meet in Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. This is the only place in the world where the Asiatic lion can be seen in the wild. Situated in the district of Junagadh that lies in the North -west state of Gujerat in India, it has a unique and diverse habitat of dry decidous forests combined with shrubland.
It was truly an enjoyable experience to interact with 26 wildlife photographers who enthusiastically shared their experiences in their field as well as views on cameras, lenses & the like. The evenings had some useful discussion on photography coupled with some friendly banter between fans of Nikon vs. Canon equipment. To see some of the stunning photographs of the natural beauty and wildife of the Indian sub-continent visit the second largest regional online community of its kind on the net!


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    The Sasan Gir main wildlife attraction is the Asiatic lion. This site is the only lasting habitat of this species that has been residing in the parks forest since the year 1884. An estimated 239 of this breed had been reported to live in this area since 1885. They are slightly smaller in appearance than their African counterparts though the largest male lions of this park are still a wonderful sight to see.