The unique people of Sasan Gir

This local guide is a Siddhi- a descendent of a tribe brought form Africa by the Nawab(ruler) of Junagadh to work as labourers. While they have retained some of their customs from their original homeland, They have adopted the local language - Gujerati as their own

Meet the lion-heart of Gir. Murad is a living legend who has been associated with all the well known naturalists who have worked in this area. He is a beat guard with the forest department and part of the vanishing tribe of expert trackers. His immense love for the animals and the habitat leads him to undertake many a dangerous rescue operation. He has just returned from rescuing a leopard who fell into an open well at Talala a place 15 kms from Gir. Later in the evening he grciously joined us at our resort and shared some of the exciting and chilling experiences of working in the Sanctuary. In the course of his duty, he has beenattacked and bitten by every conceivable creature from lions to leopards to crocodiles and more - & yet he toils on never wavering! Today, the forests of Gir are what they are thanks to people like Murad and the dedicated guards who care for the place at considerable risk to their lives.

This is a scene right inside the forest where the Maldharis living in the protected area need to walk through lion country to fetch the most basic need- water.

Another maldhari cowherd
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