In and around the Lion Safari Camp

The Lion Safari Camp is located off the main Sasan Gir Road and is a scenic 2 kms drive through the wilderness. The Hiran river runs beside it and is a good habitat for birding trails. Of course do not rule out a chance encounter with mammals especially the big cats. On the last morning, we did find the pugmarks of a leopard close to our resort.

The stay is in luxury a.c tents - unfortunately that means that there is a large wooden door which for me takes away the charm of a true tent experience. Here are some views in and around the campsite.

Entry to the Resort

A domestic cat watching us from its comfy position
View of the resort from the opposite bank of the Hiran River
Resort during the night
My tent number 19
a view of the pathway
Dance by the Siddhis - the Siddhis are orignally from Africa - were brought by the Nawab of Junagadh to work as bonded labour in the fields
Carrying fodder for the cattle
Fresh Pugmarks of a Male Leopard near our resort
women happily working in the field - encounters with wild animals cannot be ruled out, but this has been done for generations
Above and below - a Hindu Temple on the banks of the Hiran River
The Hiran river at dusk
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