Visiting Gir in the Sizzling Summer

Going to Gir in Summer??? Sounds crazy, but if you would like to see more of the big cats, then this is certainly the time to brave out the dusty hot winds and be prepared to have a date with Sherkhan - the King of the Jungle. If you have some fleeting luck like I did, you might just get an equally fleeting glance of the Prince of the Jungle - the beautiful Leopard. Summer time means that the landscape is quite dry and chances of sighting  the Lion and other mammals are better than at other times of the year. Besides, the animals are more likely to come to the water holes for drinking water

This was a camp organised by BNHS ( for its members. 24 of us with our young and enthusiastic group leader Asif spent 3 enjoyable and rewarding days at the last home of the Asiatic Lion.
And while you are looking out for those awesome animals, do not forget to spot the beautiful resident birds in their breeding plummage. Enjoy the cyber-safari and don't blame me if you feel like packing your bags to get a personal feel of the place. LOL!