In the presence of Royalty

A very hot and uncomfortable afternoon safari for the first few hours where we see some good bird sightings. However, a good sighting of the Lion still eludes us. The morning safari did show a sleeping lioness with cubs but not good enough to click decent pictures. My visit to Gir this time is with the hope of getting good pictures of the male lion.

We are amply rewarded for our efforts. a forest guard on motorbike informs us that a male lion is walking towards a watering hole for his daily drink. As we near the spot, two jeeps are already ahead of us with trackers keeping close guard and regulating the movement of vehicles. Camera in hand, I am happily clicking every angle and every movement of this majestic creature who graciously tolerated our long presence even at close quarters. Here are just a few of my wonderful moments with him. I'snt he really royal?

Cannot wait to capture him even with another jeep in front of me
And finally our vehicle is right behind him
Drinking his full quota of water
Taking some rest before another long drink
and now he is opposite me while drinking- giving good views
Aahh - had his fill of water to last for the next 12 hours
majestically walking alongside my vehicle
Marking his territory
enough of these humans trailing me - when will they drive off???
Treat these humans with the contempt they deserve!!!

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